Credit Union Loans:

  • We offer New Car loans, Used Car loans, Unsecured loans and Secured loans.
  • Your loan can be paid with a payroll deduction or we can bill you monthly.
  • If you choose payroll deduction, it’s a great way to make sure your loan is paid on time each month.
  • If you are denied, you may meet with a member of the Loan Committee and/or have the Board of Directors review your application.
  • A Fully Secured Loan is a great and easy way to establish a credit history.
  • If you are having trouble making payments don’t just give up, we will try to work to help you.
  • Remember, if you are delinquent, we report to TRW. This could affect your credit.



Click on the link below to learn more about applying for a mortgage or refinance your existing mortgage.


Schools. Neighborhoods. Backyards. As a homebuyer, you’ve got enough on your mind without thinking about a mortgage. Why not have someone else handle it for you?

  • We can do that. Our new mortgage products reflect our “people are worth more than money” philosophy with a process that’s fast and hassle-free. The terms are just as people-friendly:
  • Fixed and adjustable rate mortgages
  • The competitive interest rates we offer our members every single day
  • Low down payments, so you keep more of your hard-earned savings
  • Flexible terms, including lock-in and float options for the best possible rate
  • Affordable closing cost programs to save you money

No matter what kind of home you’re considering, we’ll walk you through the process without leaving you in the dark…or pushing you too fast. To find out more, please call us at 716-862-1472.

Personal Loans (Unsecured & Secured)

Are you considering a home improvement project? Do you have credit cards that you are having a tough time paying off because of high interest rates?

Stop by the Credit Union today we have great rates on personal loans.  Payroll deduction is a great option, you will never be late on your loan.  Helps to improve your credit.

Car Loans

The Credit Union is now doing risk base lending for car loans.

Stop by today for an application, we can pre-approve your loan and you can start shopping.

If you have purchased a vehicle and are financed with another lender, come in to see us today. We may be able to refinance your existing vehicle. We have great loan rates. It only takes a few minutes to see if you qualify to refinance your loan with us. You can save a lot of money in interest and take advantage of payroll deduction.


Risk Based Lending

Sisters Hospital Employees FCU is now basing loan rates on an applicant’s credit score. What does this mean to you? 

It means that you can apply for a loan the same easy way you always have, however, the interest rate varies based upon your credit score.

How is my credit score determined? Is my rate going to be affected by what the Loan Committee thinks of me?  Your credit score is determined by an outside service that does this as a part of your credit report. They assign a credit score to you based upon your credit history. The Loan Committee does not determine your credit store.

So is this credit score used to approve my loan? 

Your loan applications approved or denied as stated in the Loan Policy. Once your eligibility is determined, the credit score determines your interest rate.