Welcome to Sisters of Charity Hospital Employees FCU




The mission of the Sisters of Charity Hospital Employees Federal Credit Union in Buffalo, New York is primarily to:

Provide membership in the Credit Union voluntarily. The credit union is open to all within our accepted common bond of association that can make use of our services and are willing to corresponding responsibilities.

Each Credit Union member is entitled to an equal right to vote (one member, one vote) and can participate in the decisions affecting the Credit Union without regard to the amount of savings or their volume of business.

The Credit Union is non-discriminatory in relation to race, nationality, sex or politics.

The Credit Union services are directed to improve the economic and social well being of all members.

The Credit Union encourage thrift through savings and thus to provide loans and other financial services. A fair rate of interest is paid on deposits within the capability of the Credit Union.

The surplus arising out of the Credit Union, after ensuring appropriate reserves levels and after payment of limited dividends on permanent equity where capital exists, belongs to and benefits all members. This surplus may be distributed among members in proportion to their transactions in the Credit Union as dividends or directed to improve or provide additional services required by the members.

A prime concern of the Credit Union is to build the financial strength including adequate reserves and internal controls that will ensure continued service to membership.